Welcome to our enchanting world of stories! As a passionate self-published author, we craft classic tales that span the realms of pirates, ninjas, and cowboys, creating adventures that captivate kids of all ages. But we don't stop at adventure alone – our stories carry profound life lessons that pave the way for young hearts to blossom into their best selves.

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” -Albert Einstein

From my family to yours, have a great adventure. Grab a couple books or Learn more about our us and our mission.

Adventure Sam Series

The series that started it all. Below you will see the wonderful series of Adventure Sam. Sam is a young boy that loves to dress up and let his imagination run wild, taking him on big adventures and through wonderful stories. These kids picture books are for kids of all ages, but definitely good for the 6-8 year old range.

Sticky Mickey Series

Mickey is always getting himself into some sticky situations that are common to us all. In this story, learn along while we teach Mickey gratitude and how to be thankful for what he has rather than wishing for something else. This series starts a long series of simple yet impactful life lessons for parents to teach their kids in a fun and lighthearted way.

Coloring Books

To a child, nothing is better than creating and interacting with their favorite stories. These coloring books follow along exactly with the actual book. The color has been removed (which was way harder than it sounds) for a unique story book that your little ones can color right on without ruining the original.