Introduction to Imagination Station

Introduction to Imagination Station


Hello! My name is Josh Barron, author, founder and Director of Imagination for Imagination Station, entrepreneur, dad, philanthropist, and true lover of adventure. Welcome to my blog. I will be writing on a variety of topics here. Today I will introduce myself and give a little bit of my background in business and why I focus so much on Imagination. 

Imagination Station

Imagination Station was founded on the basis that Imagination is an important piece of a successful life. The world we live in can be rough, tough, and really throw us in all directions at once while beating us over the head with a sledge hammer, then pouring salt in the wound and laughing just for good measure. If you have ever tried anything in life you have likely experienced this, I know I sure have. 

The Imagination Station Journey and Vision

On my journey thus far I have had one stable datum that carried me further than I thought it would. Always be learning. I learned this in a sales job early on in adulthood. I learned not to learn in traditional schools, but to find people that were experts that shared their ways with the world in order to make the world a better place. They are out there and there are many. I later read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. Here I learned the step by step way to create a life of success and happiness. 

From there I found that I was often getting stuck and reaching a ceiling of success personally and financially. I then learned the to create a new life you first have to dream that new life. In order to dream a new life you would have to be able to see something that is not currently there.  That is the definition of Imagination. You can see a great definition here

As you can see there are many definitions of Imagination. You can also see that if you want to create a new product, a new business, a new way of living, a better situation, you would have to first be able to imagine that scene, then work backwards from that new scene and create simple actions steps on how to get there from where you are now. 

I found that I had a really hard time doing that. My Imagination was shot. I had not used it in years. In fact it was fried by alcohol, mindless jobs, college, and a poor attitude. So I started to find ways to gain back my Imagination. This took some time but I found that Imagination is similar to muscle. If you work it, it grows. If you use it, it grows. If you don’t you lose it. I looked at children, they have a natural Imagination meaning it gets lost at some point. You do not grow out of your Imagination, you lose it. True your Imagination evolves and matures over time, but you do not have to lose it. The best minds in the world have great Imaginations. In another blog I will go over the three types of Imagination and how they work into business and success in life. 

I began to work my Imagination and find creative ways to do business, have a family, contribute to my church and community, travel a little bit, and build something that I was proud of. It was not an overnight deal, but slowly over the last 7 years (coincidentally or not the same amount of time I have been sober).  I am now passing on the information I have learned to the world. I will start with young kids and help them to keep and build their Imagination rather than squash it like traditional school systems and corporate thought patterns do. 

My intention is to bring happiness and life to places where it would not have been. My goal is to help create individuals that have the Imagination and ability to do something about what they see wrong in the world. It takes a lot of Imagination to do that and I am up for the challenge. 

Success in life through kids books is the most important thing I can do for this planet given my talents, passions, and drive to create a better world through writing. Subscribe today and get regular updates and offers via email.  I promise not to spam you or do anything crazy.  I may send you random kids story ideas and ask your feedback though. 


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